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Do you enjoy using your Android phone for gaming? Do you enjoy using applications and gaming on your Android smartphone? If so, in-app purchases probably irritate you when using any app or game. Users must unlock restricted levels, tools, currency, characters, and other resources to enjoy the applications and games. Today, we’ve provided the Lucky Patcher software for smartphones to resolve this problem, allowing you to play any game or app without interruptions.

App NameLucky Patcher
Size10.2 MB
Android Requirement4.4+
MOD FeaturesBlock ads
Total Downloads1 Billion +
Last UpdateJust Now

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Many apps and games are growing in popularity among Android users. This is the rationale behind the creators of games and applications’ constant release of new titles. These creators create their games and applications to make enormous sums of money. Thus, they design them with the majority of their resources locked. These may be unlocked in most games through in-app purchases or by gathering money and gems by fulfilling certain tasks. Moreover, it would take months of diligent labor to unlock the resources if you first tried to collect cash and diamonds. The only other choice available to you is to make in-app purchases. For the most part, buying gaming resources with our hard-earned money would be considered a negative idea. That’s when Lucky Patcher Apk comes in handy.

Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher is an Android software that works as a hacking tool. With this program’s aid, most Android games may be modified to their maximum potential. Furthermore, we may also alter other apps in various ways with it. With the incredible program Lucky Patcher, you can do many things, like modify app permissions and delete or change system apps. Moreover, it also prevents adverts and gets around licensing verification. Even though Lucky Patcher needs root access, you may still do several things without rooting your device. It would be best if you rooted your smartphone to use this cracking program’s functionality. There are several methods available for rooting an Android handset. You may need to visit the XDA developers to find out how to root your Android phone.

Most Android users these days want to change games, but many find it challenging since modifying games or applications requires too many procedures. On the other hand, Lucky Patcher is an effortless utility that modifies the permissions of any game in a matter of minutes. You may root for any game with Lucky Patcher, including Highway Rider, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, and many more. Because of the way Lucky Patcher is coded, it can avoid Google Play’s credit verification mechanism. Furthermore, you can make in-app purchases for any game using this method without paying any money.

Get around the Google Play Store’s credit monitoring mechanism to access free in-app game purchases. It is compatible with Android smartphones running 2.3.3 and above and just 6.5MB in size. Despite the Google Play Store’s concerns, it is safe and secure.

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Features Of Lucky Patcher

Enough with the introduction; we shall move on to the features of Lucky Patcher.

Remove Ads

Pop-up ads are the worst, whether watching a video on YouTube or playing online games. These ads earn the company money but are still very annoying. The Lucky Patcher removes all the ads and makes your gaming and browsing hassle-free. You need to remove pointless ads once or twice.

Access to all the Resources

This amazing program allows you to get infinite keys, coins, and other game resources. Using Lucky Patcher, you can easily play any level and use any character, weapon, vehicle, or gaming resource.

Access to the Paid App for Free

Many apps, such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office, require payment. But Lucky Patcher allows you to get these apps for free and bypass any application verification process.

Lightweight and Safe

Many apps with similar features are usually heavy for the system, but this app is only 6.5 MB. Moreover, it supports different languages, making it available to other people.

Lucky Patcher is a modified app, but Google marks it as adware, which is completely wrong. Furthermore, it is completely safe to use.

Convert apps to System Apps.

Any software that you truly enjoy can be permanently stored on your smartphone. Lucky Patcher grants your request by providing a duplicate of your favorite software to your system folder and allows you to rescue it from harm. All you have to do is install Lucky Patcher, turn your user program into a system app, or save data using the app’s backup option and retrieve it whenever you’d like.

Allow Apps to move into the Memory Card.

Most apps are not allowed to be shifted to the memory card. But if you use Lucky Patcher, any app can be moved to the memory card, making space for more new apps.

Backup Files

Lucky Patcher makes it simple to create a backup of your crucial files. With its “take backup feature,” you may store the app’s backup as an external file. After that, you may import this to your PC or cloud. The data is retrieved from the stored locations at a later time. Your installed games, applications, and even patched software may all be backed up. You may also check here for programs with updated patches or Google advertisements. Therefore, it is best to restart your gadget because it will have endless advantages.

In-app Purchases

You wish to use some of the premium programs that you must buy. Instead of wasting that money, we may download the Lucky Patcher software on our Android device and use several excellent programs for free. You’ll be able to use features exclusive to premium apps, enabling you to save a ton of cash as well! After purchasing a coffee with that money, use Lucky Patcher to unwind. Click a few times to unlock the premium features of the game.

Provides Permission to the Program

If you want to edit with Lucky Patcher easier, you may want to consider adjusting some program permissions. There are several degrees of permission—among which is the necessity of rooting the smartphone—that can be quickly learned about. Rooting a smartphone is no longer a unique feature if you wish to change some of its features. It also requires a specific capacity to change at the right moment, so if you lack it, you shouldn’t risk it.


Please ensure your device satisfies the system requirements before installing the APK file. These prerequisites must be satisfied for the app to operate at its best. The following conditions must be met to install Lucky Patcher:

  • Because it’s a modification tool, rooting the Android smartphone is necessary before installing it.
  • It is compatible with smartphones running Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and later. Additionally, it works with Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • For optimal operation, RAM of at least 2GB is needed.
  • The software needs 10 GB of free internal storage to run properly.

Furthermore, this software needs certain authorization from your Android smartphone. These are listed in the following order:

  • Permission to change system settings and draw over other programs.
  • Authorization to access and read the memory card’s contents.
  • Authorization to change or remove the SD card’s contents.
  • Permission to estimate whereabouts.

How Lucky Patcher Works

Lucky Patcher functions perfectly for Android devices, but you must root your device to use it. Smartphones that are embedded offer more versatility. When the installation is finished and the app is opened, all the installed apps on your smartphone will be detailed;

  • The colour green represents licensed apps.
  • Yellow is reserved for particular spots.
  • Azul is distributing applications that contain adverts.
  • The apps that are included in the startup list are represented by Violet.
  • For in-app purchases, choose purple.
  • Apps in red cannot be fixed or have licenses removed.
  • System applications are in orange.

Lucky Patcher Without Root

No, there is a no-root version of Lucky Patcher. Although you may install the identical app file on a non-rooted device, the app’s functionality will be severely restricted.

Because Lucky Patcher is a complex program that needs root access, you might only be able to use a portion of its capabilities on your cell phone if you run a version without root access. However, you must use a rooted device and install the version of this patching program that needs root access if you want to use all of its functions.

How to make purchases in the app

By-passing the in-app purchases through the Lucky Patcher is a piece of cake. You need to follow the following procedure carefully. The steps are:

Step 1: Go to the toolbox by opening Lucky Patcher on your rooted smartphone. Press the “patch to Android” option from the toolbox menu. The toolbox option may be located near the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: The next step is to select each visible patch. After that, you’ll have to wait for your device to reboot.

Step 3: After you have completed the previous two steps, you can close the application. Then, open the game or app that you want to MOD.

Step 4: Go through the app’s menu and look for purchases. Locate and touch the in-app purchase that you want to make. Next, press the purchase button or any button that looks like it.

Step 5: The window for Lucky Patcher will appear shortly after you select the “buy” option. This is where you’ll see the notice, “Would you like this item to be free?”

Step 6: Click “Yes” to complete the free transaction. This method allows you to receive all in-app purchases for free.

How to Construct Modified APK

  • Launch Lucky Patcher, choose the malicious software, then press the “Create Modified APK” button.
  • Choose the “Modified APK” patch.
  • Find the installed Modified file by going to Folder/sdcard/Modified LuckyPatcher.
  • Rebuilding the APK files and using an already-installed patch are not the same, as we know. Testing the patch application for modifications that won’t prevent installation failure is simple.

How to do Custom Patch

Let’s find out how to do the custom patch of Lucky Patcher. Follow the following steps carefully. The steps are as follows:

  • Launch Lucky Patcher, choose the hacking app, and pick the “Custom Patch” menu item.
  • Launch the app for testing and check the internet.
  • If the patch doesn’t start functioning, use a different app.
  • To restore the program to its initial state, select the “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore” options.

Final Thought

Numerous captivating apps and captivating games are gaining popularity daily. For most Android users, in-app purchases are the only issue with the programs and games. Users must spend their hard-earned money to access game materials or utilize all the features available in any app. They search for various instruments and techniques to hack the applications. Hacking is not a simple task, though. Any software can be hacked but requires several intricate processes, making it challenging. Thankfully, Lucky Patcher can be found.

This hacking tool can circumvent the payment mechanism of any game or application by patching it. Furthermore, hacking can be finished in a few easy steps. This helpful app not only bypasses the pricing system but also assists in eliminating pointless app advertisements. Additionally, it removes system files, Google’s licensing verification, and extra permissions. I hope our comprehensive tutorial on Lucky Patcher was enjoyable.

As of Android 2.3.3, practically all Android devices may be used with this cracking program. This program needs root access as a prerequisite. Your smartphone must be rooted before installing the app to work correctly. Nevertheless, this program is also compatible with non-rooted smartphones. Lucky Patcher’s functions are also available on non-rooted smartphones. It is an essential piece of software for anyone who wants to play games nonstop and have access to paid apps.

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